Letter to the Editor: Con Ed Damages Roads

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In recent years Con Ed has been doing lots of underground gas pipe replacements around the region.  The infrastructure work is needed and is important for our safety. What’s needed is for Con Ed to provide the public and local government officials with a 5-10 year plan of roads that are going to be cut up.

Over the years I have noticed that some of the roads that Con Ed temporarily destroys were recently milled and paved by local governments.  Some roads around the region were destroyed by Con Ed within a year after they were repaved. Or, the roads were in great condition before Con Ed started to cut them up. An example: Ardsley Road (near the  Ardsley middle school) which is currently undergoing work. A few months ago this portion of  Ardsley Rd had no potholes, no cracks, no bumps. It had been repaved within the past 4 years and would not have required repaving for years.  Today, the road is a mess. When Con Ed completes their work before winter season arrives they will  repave the road and it will look great again.  But, money will have been wasted because the road will have been repaved twice.

Milling and repaving roads is very expensive. It doesn’t make sense for local governments to repave a road only to have Con Ed break up the road a short time later –and then repave it. If there would be a 5-10 year plan of roads that will be worked on by Con Ed every local government in the state would be able to avoid repaving roads scheduled for Con Ed work. I will be contacting the NYS Public Service Commission, Con Ed officials and state officials.

Greenburgh Town Supervisor

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