Letter to the Editor: Collecting Signatures for Upcoming Elections

[Editor’s Note: As a matter of policy, River Journal does not endorse candidates or political parties.]

Dear Ossining Democratic Voters,

With all the news about the presidential primary, you may not realize that the work to get endorsed Democratic candidates on the ballot for federal, state, and local elections is already underway. As the chair of the Ossining Town Democratic Committee, I wanted to take a moment to communicate what to expect in this year’s election and political calendar.

During the month of March, registered Democratic voters may hear a knock at their doors as dozens of volunteers work to collect signatures to get candidates on the ballot. Registered Democrats throughout Ossining are invited to sign petitions to help get these endorsed candidates on the ballot:

  • Mondaire Jones, US Congress
  • Peter Harckham, NYS Senate District
  • Dana Levenberg, NYS Assembly
  • Susan Cacace, Westchester District Attorney
  • Sheralyn Pulver Goodman, Westchester County Judge
  • Raynette Brewster, Westchester Family Court Judge
  • Allison Burke, Westchester Family Court Judge
  • Maritza Fugaro-Norton, Westchester Family Court Judge
  • Vanessa Pairis, Ossining Town Justice

Residents of the Village of Ossining will also get to sign for:

  • Rika Levin, Ossining Mayor
  • Dana White, Ossining Trustee
  • Patrick Yost, Ossining Trustee

If a member of the Ossining Town Democratic Committee knocks on your door in the coming weeks, their clipboard will include petition sheets for the candidates running for of the above listed positions, as well as some Democratic committee related positions including delegates to the NYS Supreme Court judicial convention, NYS Democratic Committee representatives, and Ossining District Leaders.

The Town of Ossining, which includes the Village of Ossining and most of the Village of Briarcliff, is comprised of 30 Election Districts, and each may have 2 Democratic District Leaders. Though many local elected officials also serve as District Leaders, most District Leaders are simply volunteers choosing to actively participate in local politics in this way. If anyone in your household needs to register to vote, or update their registration, District Leaders will have voter registration forms with them as well.

We recognize that your lives are busy, and we hope that understanding more about the election process will encourage you to take a moment to sign petitions and then vote in the primaries and general election. Here’s what to expect for the 2024 election calendar:

  • Petition Signing Season is now through March 30.
  • Presidential Primary Election Day is April 2, with early voting March 23-30.
  • Primary Election Day for state and local races is  June 25, with early voting June 15-23. Based on public statements from candidates, it is likely there will be Democratic primary in the race for Westchester County District Attorney.
  • General Election Day is November 5, with early voting October 26-November 3.

If you are a registered Democrat in Ossining who is eager to sign petitions to get endorsed candidates on the ballot, please email at OssiningDemocrats@gmail.com and we will send someone to you. For more information about the Ossining Town Democratic Committee, including how to purchase a ticket to attend our April 21 Fundraising Brunch at The Briarcliff Manor, visit our website (ossiningdems.org).

Please join us in supporting our community by working to elect Democratic candidates, and helping to turn out the vote during this critical election year. When Democrats vote, Democrats win!


Chairwoman Thomasina Laidley-Brown and the Ossining Town Democratic Committee

Ossining Town Democratic Committee
Chairwoman Thomasina Laidley-Brown
Vice Chair Ryan Lofaro
Treasurer Marcel Florestal
Secretary Victoria Gearity

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