Letter to the Editor: Bring Portable Bathrooms Back to Croton Point Park

To the Editor:

My wife and I have been four-season visitors to Croton Point Park for the past 25 years. During the cold weather months when the permanent restrooms are closed, the park has always had at least six portable bathrooms spread throughout the park for the convenience of visitors. A few weeks ago all but two portable bathrooms were removed from the park, apparently as a cost-cutting measure.

At 508 acres, Croton Point Park covers a very large area and serves numerous visitors in all seasons, including walkers, joggers, bicyclists, birders, paddlers, soccer players, and model airplane hobbyists. Visitors will now have to walk up to 20 minutes to find a bathroom, and we have already observed the unsanitary conditions in the remaining two portable units due to overuse.

As the current number of bathrooms are woefully inadequate for the large population of cold weather users, the Parks Department should restore the portable units that were recently removed. This would make visiting the park a much more pleasant experience when nature calls.

Rich Salz, Ossining

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