Letter to the Editor: Adam Schleifer, The Advocate for Westchester and Rockland Counties 

To the Editor:

Adam Schleifer

In 2019, I experienced a lot of change. I graduated college, moved to a new city, started a new job, and enrolled in a graduate degree  program. Like most peers my age, each day brought a new lesson and experience. The entrance into adulthood taught me more than I could imagine, but luckily I had the wisdom of 18 seven-year olds to help my transition. As a first year teacher within the School District of Philadelphia, I quickly learned the importance of advocacy. Whether it was advocating for the needs of my students or providing my students with the tools necessary to be advocates for themselves, it became evident that embracing the role of an advocate was crucial to my development as a teacher as well as the success of my students.

The need for more advocates within our society is clear – in such unprecedented times it is important more than ever that people step up and advocate for the rights of others. In particular, it is vital that our elected officials directly advocate on behalf of their constituents. As the 2020 Democractic Primary for NY-17 House of Representatives approaches, it is important that Westchester and Rockland counties elect a leader that is willing to speak the truth and work hand in hand in creating change. We need someone that is our advocate – fights for our rights, believes in us, and fearlessly leads. We need Adam Schleifer.

Adam is, without a doubt, the advocate for the people of Westchester and Rockland counties. Within his comprehensive plans for policy, it is evident  that Adam Schleifer will commit to fighting for a more just, equitable society.

When I first heard that Adam was running for congress, I was confident in his ability to advocate for the betterment of NY-17’s constituents. His policies acknowledge our country’s ails yet commit to a vision of tangible change.  As a young woman, Adam’s values and ideals truly spoke to me. In particular, Adam’s commitment to promoting gender equality and protecting reproductive rights within Westchester and Rockland counties further grounded my confidence in his role as our district’s advocate.

Through his plan, Adam Schleifer details his dedication to protecting the unequivocal rights of women. He is unafraid to name what is right and what must be done to secure equality. It is apparent that through Adam’s commitment to fully funding Planned Parenthood, co-sponsoring crucial legislation, and repealing the Hyde Amendment; he understands what it takes to advocate for not only women within this district, but within the United States of America. Furthermore, Adam openly acknowledges that women only make 82 cents for every $1 a man makes. In congress, Adam’s plan will directly advocate for women within the workplace. By supporting increased funding for the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commision, anti-discrimination laws in the workplace will be further enforced and discrimination against female applicants and employees will be eliminated. Given Adam Schleifer’s extensive experience as a federal prosecutor, I have no doubt that as an elected official, Adam will continue advocating for all within congress.

When presented with the opportunity to be a part of Adam’s campaign and volunteer my hours, I quickly hopped on board. Amidst my responsibilities as a public school teacher, I knew working in conjunction to mobilize Adam’s message was a priority for the future of our district and our country. Though the combination of being a full time teacher and campaign volunteer has resulted in 12-14 hour workdays, the importance of putting in the work to elect someone who truly embraces the role of an advocate took priority. Whether it is making phone calls to my neighbors or researching policy, I am proud to play a part in the future of Westchester and Rockland Counties.

In exactly 33 days, I have an important choice to make. A choice in which my passion for unequivocal rights is transformed into action. A choice that will hear, believe, and empower me. A choice that determines who the advocate  of our ever-growing, incredible district will be.

My choice will be for the advocate of Westchester and Rockland Counties. As a public school teacher, woman, and native of NY-17, my choice will be Adam Schleifer.

Amelia Abemayor

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