Letter to the Editor: A Response from Sleepy Hollow Trustee Jared Rodriguez

Last Tuesday evening, due to lack of sleep, stress, and impaired judgement, I made a distasteful and insensitive joke with reference to our unhoused, unowned community cat population. I apologize for offending some of our residents who are especially concerned with animal welfare and the language we use to discuss these issues. The joke doesn’t represent me or my thoughts. As with most issues, our discussion instead requires nuance and respectful language. I support best-practices TNR and am learning more about how the Village of Sleepy Hollow employs this technique with the help of ASPCA and our community advocates. I hope we continue to work together to find additional solutions to address human public health concerns raised by our Downtown community, improve our residents’ quality of life, and humanely protect against accelerating loss of biodiversity and other environmental impacts.
Thank you,
Jared Rodriguez
Village of Sleepy Hollow

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  1. Animal cruelty is not a joke, no matter how tired and stressed a person may feel.

    Should someone be sitting on town meetings while they have impaired judgement?

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