Letter to the Editor: In Support of Joe Biden

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To the Editor and the readers of the River Journal:

Actions speak louder than words. Especially when it comes to your healthcare.

When you decide who to vote for as President, think about each candidate’s actions:

— One guy created the Affordable Care Act providing health insurance for 20 million Americans. He has a detailed plan to expand healthcare with a public insurance option for people who want it, to lower drug prices, to stop surprise medical bills, and will use the best of US science to fight COVID.

— The other guy is at the Supreme Court right now trying to destroy the Affordable Care Act. He will abolish protections on pre-existing conditions, throw kids age 21-26 off their parents’ insurance plans, and says you get to handle COVID on your own.

Joe Biden’s actions speak louder than the other guy’s words.

I urge readers to vote for Joe Biden for President so that we all can get better healthcare in the years ahead.

Kate Permut
Scarborough, NY 10510


  1. I like the way Ms Permut says “we can get better healthcare in the years ahead.” Biden and the center-right core of the Democratic party are all unwilling to kill the stranglehold of for-profit healthcare and pharmaceutical companies, so the fight will still be on when/if they do get elected to curtail soaring costs and administative waste, make healthcare portable, and keep everyone covered. Not just “access” to coverage like they all love saying, but universal, reasonably priced coverage. If they don’t make it into office, we’ll have to start from below zero.

  2. Julie’s comment reminds us that we must stay engaged after the election! When the Affordable Care Act (barely) passed in 2009, Democrats sort of throttled down and breathed a sigh of relief. Then the “Tea Party” backlash built enough momentum for the Republicans to recapture Congress, and good things stopped happening. If Biden wins, bad things will stop happening, and if Democrats win control of the Senate, good things (continuing health reform, climate change policy, infrastructure stimulus, immigration reform…) can begin again. But if we take our collective foot off the pedal, there is a real risk that things could grind to a halt after the 2022 election.

  3. I support Kate Permut’s letter in support of what Biden has done to pass the Affordable Care Act in 2010. While it isn’t perfect and still needs to be improved upon, I believe Biden will provide the path forward to getting better healthcare for all in the future. Donald Trump and the GOP only wish to repeal it altogether but have provided NO plan to replace it in the past four years. Vote in 2020 like your life and your healthcare depend on it, because they do.

  4. The other guy has had four years to come up with another plan.
    None has been forthcoming. Are you willing to keep this guy in the White House for another Four years.

  5. Any healthcare plan that is built on the wishlists of corporate healthcare lobbyists — people who write the laws — will nkt solve our problems. Even Medicare, which no senior would willingly give up, is deeply intertwined with the for-profit healthcare industries. So too will be the any “public option” they’re advocating for. We need to restructure the whole thing, and bring basic healthcare in line with public education, transportation systems, and the military. For everyone. Paid through taxes. Biden won’t touch that idea … for now. What is it, like over 70% of the country wants Medicare for All? Voting Biden is pushing the ball closer to the goalpost, but we’re still mid-court. (A lot of the Republican electeds won’t even help the people in their own states.)

  6. The census count was just cut short and just as effectively the Trump administration will cut affordable healthcare short. Americans deserve better, honest and humanitarian leadership. Vote for the Biden-Harris ticket.

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