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To the Editor,

Congratulations to the two candidates who were elected to the Irvington School Board: Robyne Camp and John Dawson. They both opposed the status quo and wanted a change in the way the Board operates.

Robyne Camp had 801 votes.

She garnered more than half of all the votes cast that day. That is a clear mandate which demonstrates that parents and taxpayers want better oversight of how the children in Irvington are taught and how our money is spent. We, the voters, recognize that expenditures have been out of control. The Board was so obviously out of touch last December by proposing the field referendum. It was defeated because, in all respects, it was a foolhardy plan which had questionable health issues about rubber turf as well as an exorbitant cost, even if we were in an economic boom.

Now we, the people, spoke again by electing candidates who want to fix the way the Board functions. The incumbent Board members have to understand what the election results mean. Voters have had enough.

Although the election campaign is over, a new campaign must now begin. Robyne wants academic excellence as well as eradication of wasteful spending in all areas. She promises to listen to us. She was overwhelmingly voted for based on that platform.

Students, parents and taxpayers are all in this together. Collectively, we should support the two new members on the Board and the three other standing members to help make the Irvington School District academically exemplary and fiscally prudent.

We can do it!

Linda Leary, Irvington, NY

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