A Tribute to Juno and Sachi 

Juno and Sachi with Laura

I look at this photo and would have never known the journey that these two precious dogs would take me on. I reflect today on the passing of Juno on May 16 and Sachi on June 20. They both were unique individuals but they shared a common bond and respect for me.  

Sachi inspired me to create our store Bark & Meow and Juno guarded it like it was her job. They taught me about life, nature, honesty, trust, and most of all, joy. They knew me better than I know myself and guided me through these past 17+ years, bringing me happiness, creativity, maturity, and love. I thank them for the gifts of friendships I have made because of them, a successful business, and a fulfilled heart. 

Laura Haupt is the owner of Bark & Meow in Tarrytown


  1. You gave them such a wonderful life. Two luckier dogs never existed. And your lovely shop certainly is a legacy to them.

  2. I remember when you opened and meeting Sachi, then later Juno – I didn’t have a dog yet and would get one until years later but I bought gifts and visited with you and the two of them. You, Sachi, and Juno are woven into what makes Tarrytown so special.

  3. As a lifetime friend whom I grew up with on long island I am so proud of your accomplishments. Moving to Dobbs Ferry and opening Bark & Meow you made such a beautiful life and amazing boutique in Tarrytown for beloved pets of all types. I stlll remember the guidance you provided me for my sweet Roxy regarding food. I followed your advise untill her passing at the age of 16 almost 17 years. You are the best!!!

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