RiverTalk Podcast: Episode 7 – A Conversation with Peekskill Mayoral Candidate Conor Greene

Conor Greene

The Peekskill primary is set for June 22. Get to know what Progress 4 Peekskill candidate Conor Greene thinks about the important issues facing the community.

“I think that people should be skeptical of elected officials who don’t want to put their records up for public scrutiny, or are afraid of new ideas or new people. If I’m elected, I would absolutely expect – and have no issue with – new ideas and primaries and all of that. It’s a good thing, and we are seeing the effects of it.”

Did you miss our conversation with Vivian McKenzie, the current Deputy Mayor and Conor’s opponent in the Democratic primary. RiverTalk is the only place you’ll hear from both candidates.

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  1. While a decent fellow, Conor Greene’s ticket does not have ONE Black person on it. How is that “progress”? …in Peekskill…
    Vivian McKenzie, our present Deputy Mayor and a Black woman, is running to be our Mayor on a ticket which includes white people, Latinx, Black, young and old. Now, that sounds like diversity and community.

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