Calculations & Comments On Wilson Park Development

At a recent public hearing on the proposed development of new homes in Tarrytown’s Wilson Park area, planning consultant Frank Fish reported the following: Each proposed home would cost approximately $1,800,000. Read more »

A Conversation With Entergy- Part Two

River Journal interviewed Mike Slobodien, Entergy’s Corporate Director of Emergency Programs. What follows is the second article in a two part series. Read more »

An International Experience At Home

The EF International Language School of English in Tarrytown, has many students seeking host families this summer. EF is the world’s largest English Language School and has been in Tarrytown for over... Read more »

Tarrytown Village Notes

These notes are from May/June actions and meetings by the various Village Boards and are intended to keep citizens up to date on those activities: Ferry Landings approval timelines are now in... Read more »

Long Awaited Neperan Road Improvement To Begin

A project that was first uncovered and reported in December of 1997, has been modified and will get underway within the next month. Under the Pilla administration, plans to widen Neperan Road... Read more »

Wilson Park – A Delicate Balancing Act

Driving toward the Tarrytown Lakes on County House Rd. (off Rt. 448) in Sleepy Hollow, one goes directly past a recent development of eleven large homes built by major developer, WCI Spectrum... Read more »

Lighthouse Landing…, Getting It Right The First Time

One of the many positive things to come out of Sleepy Hollow’s public hearings on Lighthouse Landing, was the opportunity to speak with Nick Robinson. He joined the Planning Board when Don... Read more »

The Last Piece of The Puzzle

Castle Oil’s deep water pier and storage tanks. The site will provide a link between the Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow waterfront. A little over seventy-five years ago Mauro Romita, Sr. founded Castle... Read more »

Getting It Right The Third Time, What A New Village Hall Has Meant To Tarrytowners

The issue of a new Village Hall for Tarrytown raises several questions – the first being, how efficient has Village government been with a project that started ten years ago? Read more »

Tarrytown Village Notes

The following notes are from joint Tarrytown Board of Trustees and/or Planning Board meetings over the past month and are intended to provide the reader with a summary of where major issues... Read more »