Letter to the Editor: New Bike & Pedestrian Path on Mario Cuomo Bridge

Photo Credit: Bike Tarrytown

The new bike/pedestrian path on the Mario Cuomo bridge is spectacular. I enjoyed my first experience crossing the bridge by bicycle and was thrilled with the spectacular views and beautiful path. Hundreds of other pedestrians/cyclists also were enjoying the opportunity to get from Tarrytown to Nyack by foot or bicycle.

The Governor and NYS Thruway Authority should be proud of this major quality of life addition to our region–which will definitely become a major tourist destination for visitors who want to experience the best of NY and the Hudson Valley.

One important safety suggestion: The parking lot was full on both sides of the river were full, with no availability when I went (I rode my bicycle to the bridge) and probably will not be able to handle the hundreds of people who want to park their cars near the bridge. As a result, many people will bicycle from Broadway to the bridge or from Route 119. It’s not safe. Lots of speeding cars and trucks sharing the roads with bicyclists.  NYS desperately needs to fund a shared bicycle/pedestrian path on Route 119 and on Broadway to make it safe to get to the bridge.

If NYS would build a path or designate a portion of the roads for cyclists/pedestrians it would make the experience so much safer. And could help reduce fatalities and serious injuries from taking place in the years ahead. A path from the South County/North County trail to the bridge on Route 119 would also enable cyclists to bike from the Bronx Yonkers line to the bridge safely and from the Putnam County line to the bridge safely. That would be amazing. Making cycling safer on Route 119 would also help the hotels on Route 119 (including Marriott, Sheraton, Marriott Courtyard) promote their hotels for tourists who want to take a bike ride to Nyack and back to Tarrytown.

It would be very sad if a bicyclist or pedestrian gets killed trying to get to the Mario Cuomo bike/walking trail on the bridge because another NYS owned road (Route 119 or Broadway) leading to the bridge is unsafe.

Greenburgh Town Supervisor

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