Putting STEM to Work – ‘Humanizing’ Lab Mice to Save Human Lives 

Through the generous support of Regeneron, four times a year River Journal publishes the on-site report of a high school science student from the River Towns who is paired with a […] Read more »

Veterans Memorial Is Restored to Glory, Thanks to Croton Scout & Community  

The American flag that flutters at the Veterans of Foreign Wars memorial on Terrace Place in Croton-on-Hudson is on a more secure foundation these days, thanks to the efforts of Eagle Scout candidate John […] Read more »

Harckham’s State Grant Helps Croton-on-Hudson Purchase New Eco-Friendly Police Vehicle

New York State Senator Pete Harckham secured $52,500 in state grant funding last spring for the Croton-on-Hudson Police Department, and last week he had an opportunity to see the new […] Read more »

Croton Harmon Teacher Honored By New York State as Health Teacher of the Year

The Croton-Harmon school district is proud to announce that Jessica Butts, a health teacher at Pierre Van Cortlandt Middle School, has received the NYSAHPERD Health Teacher of the Year Award. […] Read more »

Sunset Yoga in the Park Series Kicks Off at Croton Point Park

Westchester Parks Foundation (WPF) kicked off the Sunset Yoga in the Park Series on Wednesday, July 29th at Croton Point Park. The free classes will be held throughout the summer. […] Read more »

Rotary Clubs Fill a Need to Feed 

Loss of jobs and income have placed enormous stress on many citizens, challenging their ability to provide basic necessities such as food for their families.    As with many civic […] Read more »

Rallying the River Towns

  Not since the ‘60s has America seen social activism as impassioned, determined, and perpetual as we have witnessed these past historic weeks.   That tumultuous era’s unrest was to protest […] Read more »

Student-Led Rally in Croton-on-Hudson Draws Crowd and Community Reacts to Powerful Speeches

Following the death of George Floyd and the subsequent protests in the days that followed, Paige Jones, a rising junior in the Croton-Harmon High School, began working to create a […] Read more »

Meet Three Students Who Personify ‘’Service Above Self’

Veronica Herrero, Jesse Pollak, and Grace Reyer are the 2020 recipients of Croton Rotary Club’s Stanley H Kellerhouse Scholarship, awarded in recognition of meaningful community service, documented by essays, that exemplify the Rotarian motto “Service Above Self.”   Veronica Herrero volunteered as an assistant teacher in adult English classes. The classes teach immigrant […] Read more »

Letter to the Editor: Electric School Buses Better for Environment

The heavy batteries located underneath the electric buses provide extra stability and safety. Read more »