Fitness goals

3 Tips for Getting Your Fitness On-Track

We all have good intentions when it comes to working out but I’ll be the first to admit that if I see an excuse rising over the horizon that can […] Read more »
Deep fryer

The 3-Hour Diet is Spot On!

I’m in the library a few weeks ago (it still amazes me that I can walk out of a library, books in hand, and not have to pay for them… […] Read more »
Healthy living

Don’t Forget Your Back Muscles When Working Out Your ‘Core’

Somewhere along the way, ‘abdominals’ became synonymous with ‘core’. (When and why, we’ll never know.) To millions of people, strengthening your ‘core’ now means strengthening only your abs, which is […] Read more »

Who Needs Exercise, Right?

You’ve got kids, work deadlines, work stress, dinner that needs to be made, baby butts to wipe, errands to run, a business to look after… yada, yada, yada, who’s got […] Read more »
Pig in Barn

Ah, The American Diet

So I’m in the gym yesterday on the treadmill watching Ellen and a commercial comes on for the Cold Stone Creamery. I’ve been there once in my life and when […] Read more »
Drill Sargent

For a Fun Fitness Experience, Try Boot Camps

Boot camps have started popping up all over the place and by the looks of it, they’re only growing in popularity. They are the fitness “it” thing right now and […] Read more »
Muscular man

P90X… Bam, The Future of Rock ‘N’ Roll!

(I really hope most of you got that movie reference in the title and didn’t sit there trying to decipher what it was I decided to talk about today, thought […] Read more »
The muffin top

Ah, The Muffin Top!

I can’t say enough good things about muffin tops, of an actual muffin that is! They’re the best part. Seinfeld even did an episode on the muffin top and people’s […] Read more »
Rocker Chick

Workout Like A Rock Star! Ohhh Yea!

Yesterday I had one of the best cardio sessions in months. I felt like a rock star on that treadmill! I was doing my intervals at all out levels and […] Read more »
Fresh fruit

My Quest for the Perfect Snack

I thought I had it all figured out today. It was right there and it was so simple. Forever changed was going to be your snacking habits. But then something […] Read more »