Ah, The Muffin Top!

The muffin topI can’t say enough good things about muffin tops, of an actual muffin that is! They’re the best part. Seinfeld even did an episode on the muffin top and people’s affinity to eat only the top and not the bottom. The muffin top is tasty and yummy and looks soooo delicious! But things take a serious turn for the worse when the muffin top turns into the chunky cellulite that rears its ugly head over the top of our jeans. Or when it’s trying to break free from the confines of that snug, and not so cute anymore, top. That’s when love turns to hate! When the bitter battle of the muffin top begins!

Oh how I have battled the muffin top! It’s a war without end. Slip up along the way and it’s all too eager to return. For women it’s a plain fact of science that this is where we will gain our weight. And in our thighs, and in our buttocks. Joy, sweet joy! But we can defeat it if we are up for the challenge. Dieting alone will not resolve the issue. It can hide it for some time, but the predator will always come back for its prey. Lifestyle changes have to be made. If we’re serious, we can take out the muffin top for good!

First we need to start exercising aerobically. Running, jogging, cycling, swimming, kickboxing, bootcamping, dancing; we need to get out there and start breaking down that layer of fat that’s sitting lazily over our abdominal muscles. You may also consider cellulite reduction to make these cellulite less noticeable. Second, we need to make better food choices, and watch our alcohol intake. I read that fat from alcohol loves to settle right in our mid-section; nothing but a slight buzz with a little muffin top thrown in for good measure! Isn’t that great? We also need to limit our bread and pasta intake, even if its whole wheat. See, the thing is that lots of people think that since it’s better for you, this whole wheat pasta, then you can eat more of it. So not true! We need to limit our carbs, not OD on them. Basically, when we think of food we need to think lean meats and fish, colorful vegetables, and yummy fruit. These are the building blocks to a nutritious and healthy eating plan that can allow us to, once and for all, eliminate the chunky, fatty, yucky, so not delicious muffin top for good! It’s not an easy battle, but it’s one we can win with a little determination, a good exercise plan and a nutritiously stocked kitchen.

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