winter and spring planters

Tending your Garden – “Transitioning Planters from Winter to Spring”

Spring has been extra fickle in New York this year – 80 degrees one week, 30 degrees many mornings, and crazy windy in-between! Dressing with all this unpredictability can be a challenge,... Read more »
tending your garden claim your stakes

Tending Your Garden – “Claim Your Stakes (or not)”

Staking, to me, has never been an ideal solution in my perennial beds. No matter how carefully or “artfully” I try, it always winds up looking – well, like a bunch of... Read more »

A Woman’s Work “It’s down to me. The change has come.”

After almost 8 years of writing the gardening column for this paper, it was suggested that I write a piece about some changes I’ve recently made in my life. My immediate reaction... Read more »

Tending Your Garden ~ “Color in the Garden… Right Now”

Really, winter 2011? Are you as tired of talking about (and thinking about and looking at) this winter as I am? Read more »
Landscaping in Today's Economy

Tending Your Garden – “Smart Landscaping in Today’s Economy” Part 2

In my last article I talked about the importance of investing in your landscaping – especially in this economy. Here’s how to make smart choices that will give you the best results. Read more »

Tending Your Garden – “Smart Landscaping in Today’s Economy”

News of sluggish home sales and reduced property values in our area is hard to avoid these days, so it can be a challenge to figure out where and how to best... Read more »

Dads & Grads

To the Editor: I truly enjoyed the recent "Dads and Grads" issue – not only because I personally know many of the wonderful families featured, but because my daughter, Chelsea, is a... Read more »

Tending Your Garden, “Annuals 101”

"Instant gratification" is not a phrase typically associated with gardening. It can take up to 3 years for a perennial bed to reach maturity and even longer for shrubs and trees. Read more »

Tending Your Garden, Renovating Your Existing Garden

For many homeowners these days, a full-scale landscape makeover is not financially feasible. Whether you are selling your house and need to create "curb appeal," or you simply want to improve the... Read more »

Tending Your Garden, Creating a Low-Maintenance Garden

Every season seems to bring more and more requests for "low maintenance" gardens. This typically translates to a garden that looks great year-round, with little or no time and effort needed once... Read more »