Tending Your Garden, Garden Design Principles

Experienced gardeners know that there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to gardening, and that some of the most beautiful gardens are the result of unexpected “happy […] Read more »
winter and spring planters

Tending your Garden – “Transitioning Planters from Winter to Spring”

Spring has been extra fickle in New York this year – 80 degrees one week, 30 degrees many mornings, and crazy windy in-between! Dressing with all this unpredictability can be […] Read more »

Tending Your Garden, "Winter In Your Garden"

For the gardener, February typically means spending time indoors, perusing the many catalogs that you probably receive and planning for the coming season. Read more »
tending your garden claim your stakes

Tending Your Garden – “Claim Your Stakes (or not)”

Staking, to me, has never been an ideal solution in my perennial beds. No matter how carefully or “artfully” I try, it always winds up looking – well, like a […] Read more »

A Woman’s Work “It’s down to me. The change has come.”

After almost 8 years of writing the gardening column for this paper, it was suggested that I write a piece about some changes I’ve recently made in my life. My […] Read more »

Tending Your Garden ~ “Color in the Garden… Right Now”

Really, winter 2011? Are you as tired of talking about (and thinking about and looking at) this winter as I am? Read more »
Landscaping in Today's Economy

Tending Your Garden – “Smart Landscaping in Today’s Economy” Part 2

In my last article I talked about the importance of investing in your landscaping – especially in this economy. Here’s how to make smart choices that will give you the […] Read more »

Tending Your Garden – “Smart Landscaping in Today’s Economy”

News of sluggish home sales and reduced property values in our area is hard to avoid these days, so it can be a challenge to figure out where and how […] Read more »

Dads & Grads

To the Editor: I truly enjoyed the recent "Dads and Grads" issue – not only because I personally know many of the wonderful families featured, but because my daughter, Chelsea, […] Read more »

Tending Your Garden, “Annuals 101”

"Instant gratification" is not a phrase typically associated with gardening. It can take up to 3 years for a perennial bed to reach maturity and even longer for shrubs and […] Read more »