“So, I’m not a doctor, why should I care?”

Doctors are not going to be homeless and begging in the streets.  This is not an article to suggest that you should set up some fund for starving healthcare professionals.  […] Read more »

An Rx for Healthcare

This article is the first in a series of three regarding the healthcare system in our country, what might be called “An Rx for guaranteeing good healthcare.”  I was inspired […] Read more »

Raising Adults Not Children

It’s that time of year again…. caps and gowns, summer jobs, preparing for the next stage in life.  I have written here more than a couple of Junes, hailing our […] Read more »

What Purpose Does the Pressure Serve. A Look at Stressed Students

Because I see so many teenagers in my practice, I often hear about the stress of the courses that some of these students are taking—particularly honors classes and Advanced Placement […] Read more »


Bullying can be defined as intentional hurtful acts repeatedly committed by one child against another.  It can include physical bullying such as kicking and hitting, verbal bullying such as name […] Read more »

Pets and Beyond…
What They Give Back To Us

Animals’ presence in our lives can be taken for granted.  Many of us have pets, and we get used to having them around, we get used to the routine, and […] Read more »

A New Year Tragedy

As I write this, a Congresswoman lies in critical condition in Arizona. A nine-year old girl and five others, including a judge, are dead. A young man sits in a […] Read more »

Holiday Blues or Bells?

It is widely believed that rates of depression increase around this time of year.  There are a few reasons for this, including having fewer hours of sunlight, as well as […] Read more »

Graduates — What Lies Ahead

Congratulations class of 2010!  Welcome to the real world.  Or almost the real world. Read more »

Attending the Prom?……Read On!

Prom season is upon us.  Because I work with so many 12th graders I get to hear all about dress shopping, date drama, after-prom plans, and the like.  It makes […] Read more »