Scholar-Athlete of the Month: Lenin Zhingri-Chamba Is Early to Rise and Quick to Learn

A native of Spain, Lenin made All-League after wrestling for only two years.

Lenin Zhingri-Chamba is a senior at Peekskill High School who is headed to Monroe College this fall to major in Business. He made All-League on the 2020-21 Wrestling team and also runs Track.

Lenin, who is from Spain, is a member of three Honor Societies (Spanish, Science, Social Studies), on High Honor Roll, and has an internship through the WISE Program (Wide-ranging Interest-based Senior Experience).

“For the last three years,” he says, “I have been very active in community service with the Latino Culture Club, doing a lot of community hours that help this wonderful community of Peekskill.”


“Lenin is a leader with a helping heart,” says Wrestling Coach Raul Ortiz. “He is willing to go the extra mile and puts others before himself. He has a true desire to help others.  I have really enjoyed seeing the growth of Lenin from when he started wrestling two years ago to where he is today. He knew nothing about the sport, but was so motivated to be successful. He worked hard, staying extra hours to practice and get better. It was very impressive to see his hard work pay off.”

Adds Peekskill Athletic Director Austin Goldberg: “Lenin is a kind and caring person. I have really enjoyed watching him grow into the man he is today. I have no doubt that his motivation will carry him through his college experience, and he will be a very successful analyst, stock broker or any other career he decides on. Lenin is the perfect example of what our younger student-athletes should aspire to be. I am so proud of what  Lenin has been able to accomplish in his short time in Peekskill. I truly look forward to all of his future accomplishments.”

Lenin Zhingri-Chamba Q+A

River Journal North > When did you start playing sports?
Lenin > At 14 years old, but I always played on my own with my friends growing up in Spain. I started playing for the school teams when I was 16, for track and wrestling.

RJN > How do you motivate yourself?
Lenin >
By thinking about the rewards and the feeling of doing my best.

RJN > How do you manage your time?  

Lenin > By putting important things first and putting on the side the things that really don’t matter or things that don’t give me any new knowledge. I get up early to start the day well. At school I use the time productively so when I have time to play sports and finish the afternoon at home with the family.

RJN > What is most rewarding about athletics for you?
Lenin >
Knowing that I learned something new that makes me a better version of myself.

RJN > Who has inspired you, helping you to stay focused to meet your goals?

Lenin > Definitely my family, especially my mother and sister, that’s my biggest support in life. Everything I do is for them, to make them proud. I know that if I’m successful in life I could bring better things to them.

RJN > What is your most satisfying single achievement?

Lenin > Obtaining a full paid tuition scholarship to Monroe College. It shows me that all the hard work I did during these past four years in high school pays off.

RJN > How would you describe your experience as a student athlete in one sentence?

Lenin > I was excited to see all my hard work and motivation pay off when I was competing.

RJN > Any other comments?
Lenin > Big thank you to all my coaches, teammates and staff from Peekskill High School for always being there for me and supporting me throughout my high school experience.



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