RiverTalk Podcast: Episode 3 – A Conversation with Hen Hud School District Superintendent Joseph Hochreiter

Joseph Hochreiter at the RiverTalk mic

With Indian Point scheduled to close next month, the town of Cortlandt and the Hen Hud School District have been hit hard by a loss of millions in tax revenue and lower enrollment. Listen to our conversation with Hen Hud School District Superintendent Joseph Hochreiter as he talks about plans for a future without Indian Point. Click HERE to listen.

Hochreiter on the District’s relationship with Indian Point …

“Indian Point has been a great partner. They have supported our teachers and students going on tours and field trips, they have mentored some of our students who are budding scientists. They have provided hundreds of thousands in grant funds and supplies and equipment so we can support and expand our STEM initiatives. They have been nothing but a fantastic community partner, and we’re very sad to see them go.”

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