Quick Q&A with Dan the Kayak Man 


Dan Thaler’s kayak excursions last 2-10 hours. Photo: Bill Ward

What is the technique for kayaking – does it require lessons? 

 There are different styles of paddling: recreational, white water, sea kayaking, to name a few. Lessons are a very good idea. I strongly recommend safety training, so you know how to get back in your boat should you capsize, and also know how to help others. The Hudson is a very active river and it’s also good to know about dealing with other boaters. You may have the right of way, but generally they are much bigger than you and they don’t stop very quick.  

How long do you stay out on the water and how far do you go?
I go out from 2-10 hours. There are also places to camp. The Hudson River Watertrail Association has a guide book pointing them out . 

How many boats have you built?
I’m built about 12 boats from scratch at this point plus another 10 project completions. 

From where do you source materials?
Most of my lumber I purchase from Condon’s in White Plains  

How long does it take to build a boat?
Depending on the type of construction and options, from 80 to 250 hours.

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