County Executive George Latimer Endorses Vivian Mckenzie forMayor Of Peekskill

Endorses Ramon Fernandez, Dwight Douglas, & Rob Scott for Common Council

Vivian McKenzie

Westchester County Executive George Latimer endorsed Vivian McKenzie for Mayor of Peekskill today, calling her the right woman for the job at this critical moment for Peekskill and the wider region.

“Sometimes the right leaders emerge at the right time and this is that moment for Peekskill,” said County Executive George Latimer.  “Deputy Mayor Vivian McKenzie is accomplished, ready to lead, and completely committed to the values that make us Democrats. With Vivian as part of its leadership team, Peekskill has been rising. To keep that success going requires thoughtful, experienced, and capable leadership that can navigate the challenges of success in a way that makes the City work for everyone. Vivian brings everything to the table: success in government, success in business, and a personal background that is deeply in touch with the average Peekskill resident. I look forward to the continued work we will accomplish together when she is elected Mayor.”

George Latimer was elected Westchester County Executive in 2017, defeating two-term conservative Rob Astorino, after serving in the New York State Senate, New York State Assembly, and Chairman of the Westchester County Democratic Party. In addition to his endorsement of McKenzie, he threw his full support behind the Democratic slate for common council: Ramon Fernandez, Dwight Douglas, and Rob Scott.

“Peekskill has produced some of the most widely respected and dynamic progressive leaders in the region, and Ramon Fernandez, Dwight Douglas, and Rob Scott will further add to that reputation. They represent the full fabric of the City and the Democratic Party and will be the effective and energetic partners I need in City government. They have my full and unequivocal support and I am asking all Democrats to support their election on June 22nd.”


  1. Vivian McKenzie embodies a successful leader and a neighbor anyone would seek to have. She is a success and is Peekskill at our best. I will be voting for her to be the next Mayor of Peekskill because we need energetic drive and intelligence with equal measure compassion and wisdom. Vivian McKenzie has all that and more.

    If we believe “Black Lives Matter”, why would we NOT vote for a Black woman who brings all of the diverse city of Peekskill together while understanding the needs for public safety, police reform and economic opportunity?

    I do not see ANY other declared candidate with the depth of community trust and support than Deputy Mayor Vivian McKenzie. She leads a diverse team in age, ethnicity and experience reflecting Peekskill! I am supporting the Peekskill Democratic City Committee endorsed team of Ramon Fernandez, Dwight Douglas and Rob Scott for City Council.

    I understand that early voting begins Saturday June 12 and ends Sunday June 20 with final primary day being Tuesday June 22. If someone is not yet registered to vote, they may do so by May 28. Also, if someone is not able to come to the polls they can request an absentee ballot from The Westchester County Board of Elections, I am told.

    I moved to Peekskill less than two years ago and I would not wish to see anyone other than Vivian McKenzie, a mother, small business owner, experienced government office holder and beloved neighbor lead us forward in this difficult time.

  2. I too am excited about the opportunity for Vivian to become Mayor of Peekskill. Having moved here to start a family after years of living in the city, it is important to me that our mayor understands how important community, family, small businesses, and education are to the constituents of Peekskill! We need to continue to evolve and grow and not settle for small wins, especially when we are so close to achieving big victories!

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