Cortlandt Deputy Supervisor Announces Candidacy for Supervisor 

All information on this page was written and submitted by Dr. Richard Becker. River Journal North, as a matter of policy, does not endorse candidates.  

With the November presidential election still in our rear-view mirrors, it is difficult to believe that the 2021 campaign process is already well under way. Local political parties have met, interviewed, and selected their candidates. Petitioning, the process whereby candidates must collect signatures to be on the ballot, began March 2 and ends March 22. Hence, it is already time that voters become engaged, learning about the candidates and issues. As Yogi Berra famously stated: “It’s getting late early.”  

Therefore, I am writing to inform the greater Cortlandt community, including its important component villages of Croton and Buchanan, of my candidacy for Town Supervisor. It is indeed an honor to have been selected by unanimous consent to head our Cortlandt team of Democratic candidates for local office.  

(From left) Kimberly Ragazzo, Incumbent Nominee for Town Justice; James Creighton, Incumbent Nominee for Town Board; Cristin Jacoby, Nominee for Town Board; Dr. Richard Becker, Nominee for Supervisor; Laroue Shatzkin, Incumbent Nominee for Town Clerk; Debra Carter, Nominee for Receiver of Taxes.

We have decided to run as a slate, sharing the same platform, with the singular purpose of moving “Cortlandt Forward.” Our slate will consist of James Creighton (running to retain his Town Board seat), Cristin Jacoby, also for Town Board, (full time working mother of two who serves on The Zoning Board), Laroue Shatzkin (for a second term as Town Clerk), Debbie Carter (Town Board member running for Receiver of Taxes) and Kimberly Ragazzo (seeking a second term as Town Judge).  

In addition to being the endorsed candidates for the Democratic Party, we are also honored to have the endorsement of the Working Families Party.   

My background can be summarized as follows … 

Although born and raised in Manhattan, I have lived my entire adult life in Westchester. I have practiced as a cardiologist, first at Hudson Valley Hospital, where I was honored to serve as President of the Medical Staff, and as Chairman of the Medical Board. Becoming more involved in administration, I established both the inpatient medical service (Hospitalist Group) as well as the outpatient Westchester Medical Practice.  

In 2014, I was recruited to Phelps Memorial Hospital, where I served as Vice-President of Physician Services, and established Phelps Medical Associates, an outpatient office-based medical group with 15 locations, from Dobbs Ferry north to Croton-on-Hudson. With over 100 physicians and providers, and hundreds more professional staff, I was able to hone my management skills and style. Throughout all these endeavors, I have continued to practice cardiology, now in the multispecialty office I established in Croton, adjacent to Shoprite. 

I have always been an active participant in our Cortlandt Community. As President of my local homeowners group, I was instrumental in preserving a large parcel for open space. Subsequently, I served on The Town’s Zoning Board of Appeals. In 2007, I was elected to my current position as a Trustee/Councilman. Recently, Supervisor Puglisi appointed me to serve as her Deputy Supervisor, enabling me to prepare for the role of Town Supervisor.   

On a personal note, I met my wife, Terry, the summer before college. We have two wonderful adult children who were raised here in Cortlandt, and who attended Hendrick Hudson Schools throughout.  

We cherish this community, feeling blessed to live our lives here, and to have the ability to pay forward these blessings.  

You will be hearing from my Cortlandt Slate colleagues in the coming weeks, and I look forward to engaging with many of you during this campaign.  

Richard H. Becker, M.D. 
Deputy Supervisor, Town of Cortlandt 
Candidate for Town Supervisor  




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