Assemblywoman Galef Calls for the Removal of Trump Name from State Park

With the President having faced a second impeachment for inciting an insurrection at the Capitol, Assemblywoman Sandy Galef sent a letter to the New York State Parks Commissioner on Thursday calling for the signs on the Taconic State Parkway advertising the Donald J. Trump State Park be removed and the park be renamed.  Galef writes “we want people to be comfortable using our parks.  His name will discourage the public from enjoying all our state has to offer.”

Assemblywoman Galef writes that the state can move forward with changing the park’s name because “Mr. Trump did not sign the appropriate documents with the state, rendering any claim of breach of contract moot.”  Galef calls for the park to be renamed in honor of former Governor George Pataki to celebrate his legacy as an environmental conservationist and preservationist.

Assemblywoman Galef said, “Monuments, landmarks, and parks can hold a symbolic meaning and in this case a park named for Donald J. Trump can only represent the division he has sought to create in our country over the past four years.  This division has no place in our state.  Motorists have complained about the Trump signs on the Taconic for years, and we must take a stand.”


  1. After the refusal by Trump to tell the rioters to Stand down on Jan 6th, New Yorkers are correct to remove his name from all public sites.

  2. You can do it NY. Let him sue. He’ll lose. He breached the contract, likely a long time ago. Do the right thing. Karl

  3. As a start, why can’t his name be removed from the signs on the Taconic highway? Surely that instead stipulated in contract. Who can I contact about that?

    1. Exactly! Very few people would care about his name being on the park if not for those infernal signs on the Parkway. There aren’t even any signs telling you how to get to the parks once you exit, they fell down years ago. The state has probably spent more money on those signs than they have on the park.

  4. While I wholeheartedly agree with renaming the park, naming it after Pataki would also be a terrible solution. Pataki was the fool who agreed to take the land off Trump’s hands in the first place. They never should have accepted the donation. The state had no use for the land, and it has cost Yorktown taxpayers bundles of money in lost property taxes over the years. The state does not reimburse local towns in Westchester for parkland taxes. Name it after Pete Seeger or someone else who was not a politician who had a connection to the area.

  5. Thank you!! Westchester Republicans and the local Yorktown GOP are still in denial that Trump incited the riots. Trump will always will be associated with hate, racism, ignorance,and white supremacy. REMOVE THE SIGN!!

  6. You should be more involved & Lazer focused on the veterans, elderly & lowering our taxes.This is petty & disturbing to the comunity.Focus on,”WE THE PEOPLE & OUR PRIORITIES!”

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