Meet River Journal’s March 2022 Pet of the Month

Meet Meg who – with her sister Pearl – joined our household six months ago, as tiny kittens acquired from an SPCA pet shelter. Both were notably confident from the get-go, as Meg demonstrated by responding to a ping-pong ball with a display of dazzling soccer skills. Hence her name, after Megan Rapinoe.

Meg lives in Scarborough, doesn’t go outside, but takes great pleasure in watching the wildlife in our garden, either from the window during winter, or the screened porch in summer. Other pursuits include chasing her sister round the house, and leaping for toys thrown over her head (stuffed fabric mice are a favorite). Meg has curious markings, slightly off center, and notably silky fur. She is a cautious girl, but has become more and more sociable over time and enjoys sitting on a lap in the evening.

As a female of simple tastes, her favorite place is a small cardboard box stuffed with tissue paper, in the kitchen. Here, she can, while preserving her dignity and mystique, curl up and offer her belly for stroking when one of us passes by.

Meg gratefully acknowledges River Journal for this honor, which she feels, in her modest way, is entirely deserved. And is one in the eye for Pearl.

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