Congratulations to the June RJN Pets of the Month

Meet Mr. Monkey & Lady LaLa!

Meet 5.5-year-old brother and sister Mr. Monkey, aka, Noodle Doodle Bamboozle & Señor Mono Traviasos, and Lady LaLa, aka, peanut, love buggy & ladybug.    

These two foster, rescued Tuxedo kitties, were bottle fed at three weeks old by their human mommy MoMo, and have brought so much joy into hearts and home.   

Mr. Monkey is a big hugger and a southpaw that loves boxing. He loves stealing paint brushes and opening lever-handle doors, cabinets, the freezer door and tearing open his food pouches when no one is looking. He’s a big fan of Game of Thrones, and his favorite treats are bananas, strawberries, pineapple, avocado, cucumber, blueberries and cat nip. 

Lady LaLa is a snuggle bug and welcomes house guests with nose-to-nose kisses as soon as they walk into the door. She loves taking cat naps in her window hammock, and when she feels in a feisty mood, she loves to chase catnip mice and rip up cardboard cat scratchers, mostly with her teeth. She’s also a bit of a cat burglar and likes to pick pocket purses and swiftly toss bottle caps and lipstick tubes off of the counter tops. 

They are both the softest and sweetest kitties, even dog people seem to really like these two. Some of their human friends call them the “un-cats”. 

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