Congratulations to the March RJN Pets of the Month 


Meet Slinky and Thumbs 

Thumbs was a feral cat in Brooklyn and frequented our backyard in Crown Heights. We took him in during a cold winter storm in 2015. We named him Thumbs due to his four polydactyl feet. We took him to the vet as part of a TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) program, and he returned to our home with the intent to release back to the wilds of Brooklyn. But he won us over, and we decided that he should live with us. So, for a few months, he lived behind the washing machine. He slowly integrated with our other two cats, and we moved them all to Peekskill in 2016. At that time, he had older cat siblings, a brother, “Just Jack,” and a sister, “Eartha Kitt,” that unfortunately passed a few years back within a year of each other.  

That is when Slinky came into the picture. Thumbs needed a friend, and we popped into Little Orphan Animals here in Peekskill and fell in love with this beautiful Bengal kitten. We adopted him and welcomed him home; he got his name from his striped markings and the fact he liked to stretch and slink around. He’s mischievous, keeps Thumbs on his toes, loves a good olive left in a glass after a martini, and will play with that for hours. Slinky and Thumbs have become loving brothers and have full-time jobs looking out the windows of their new home on Nelson Avenue. 

Their owners are Sepp and Brian, both lighting designers who own a design and manufacturing business in Peekskill. Brian is also a Peekskill City Council member, and Slinky likes to help him prepare for meetings. 

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