Congratulations to the March RJN Pet of the Month 

Meet Kettle!

Kettle is a 3-year-old Great Pyrenees/American Staffordshire Terrier mix. Kettle comes to the area by way of Texas through Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, surviving parvo and a broken leg before making the journey. She joined her family a month after they moved to Peekskill in 2020.   

Kettle likes meeting new people and dogs so much that, on walks, she strains on the leash to say hello. When at home, Kettle enjoys emulating a cat by sleeping curled on the back of the couch, only perking up if she thinks a treat bag is being opened or someone stands up just a little too quickly.  

Kettle also spends time keeping the house and home safe for her two-legged family members. This is done by using her deep-barreled bark if anyone dares walk in front of the house. When the danger has passed (or when told to stop, “everything is okay”), she resorts to a low, rumbling growl. When out in the yard, Kettle secures the perimeter by running the length of the yard and barking, chasing away the memory of skunks, cats, and groundhogs, letting the world know she means business! 

She is up for anything; enjoying car rides, hikes, visits to the local green markets and walks around various areas in the Hudson Valley! 

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