Congratulations to the February RJN Pet of the Month

Meet Allen Sparks!

Allen Sparks (Sparks for short) is an 8-year-old, 17-pound feline. He was adopted as a kitten from SPCA Briarcliff. We were fortunate to snap his picture next to his portrait because he keeps a very active and tight schedule. 

He is an indoor cat but loves venturing out onto the screened-in deck where he inventories the backyard wildlife chirping away. Sparks is certainly a hunter. His trophies include a bird, a bat, a snake and insects. 

Sparks begins the morning at 6 am when the radio alarm clock comes on. That is his cue to wake us up by banging on doors and jumping on our bed impatiently waiting for his breakfast to be served. By 8 am he has his favorite spot in the sunlight for a long nap and his favorite chair is in the living room by the fireplace – melting away for a few hours in the afternoon. 

By 3 pm he’s shadowing every move we make reminding us it’s mealtime again. Then, naptime again only now he quietly creeps under the bed cover hidden away from the world. Family dinnertime includes his presence on a dining room chair. As he checks out the table food situation, he anticipates any probability of leftovers. 

His schedule allows him some “me time” with his favorite toys and a hide and seek game. Finally, the nighttime ritual is sleeping at the foot of our bed until he hears the sound of the AM alarm. Another day has begun. 

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