Congratulations to the December 2022 River Journal North Pet of the Month  

Meet Nikki! 

Nikki is a 4 ½-year-old red Doberman. Although she weighs 75 lbs., she considers herself a lap dog.  She loves to snuggle with her mommy and often buries herself under her blanket. Her favorite part of the day is when her daddy takes her for long walks at FDR Park in Yorktown. After every walk, she sits and patiently and waits for a biscuit.  

With those big, beautiful ears, Nikki has very good hearing. She can hear the UPS truck even before the driver enters our complex. If we’re out for a walk and she hears the truck, she sits and waits for him to come down the hill. She then drags me to the truck to get her treat. She comes running when I’m in the kitchen peeling carrots, her favorite vegetable, even though she’s two floors up. I don’t understand how she knows that I’m peeling carrots, because she doesn’t come running if I’m peeling potatoes.  

Nikki loves playing with dogs, big and small.  She also loves playing and licking the children in the neighborhood. Several of the neighbors have labeled her “The Queen” of our community. Nikki is very smart, obedient, loyal and protective of her family and property. 

Nikki and her family will receive a gift basket from Croton Pet Station.    

Want to see your pet featured in River Journal North? Send a photo of your pet – just one photo per pet, please – to Include your pet’s name as well as your name, email, phone number and zip code. Winning pets will receive a gift basket from Croton Pet Station.  







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