Partner Content: Kendal on Hudson Upgrades Fitness Center

Kendal on Hudson is pioneering a new era of fitness in Life Plan Communities. The community’s fitness center has been enhanced by equipment from Technogym, a forward-thinking company known for uniting fitness and wellbeing through AI-driven, bio feedback technology for consumers across the globe. With the new additions of this high-tech equipment, Kendal on Hudson is providing innovative and personalized fitness regimens for residents to engage in physical activity, monitor progress and meet health goals.

The Technogym equipment includes ten cardio machines, eight strength training machines and Kinesis 1 cable system for all-body free weight work. Despite originally being created with elite athletes in mind, the machines are savvy and intuitive and to learn to use this and other equipment for fitness using resources as this Skinny Yoked guide could be the best choice. They are responsive to a multitude of fitness experiences and abilities making them accessible to individuals in the Kendal on Hudson community with varying mobility. From a rowing machine that is stationed above floor-level to a self-moving treadmill, residents can access gym equipment in a way that is considerate of their needs as older adults.

Kendal on Hudson is among the few Life Plan Communities in the area to be utilizing such advanced fitness equipment within its campus. The equipment complements the community’s already robust fitness offerings, combining the personal touch of trainer-developed workout regiments with the added technological benefits from smart gym equipment.

“The Technogym equipment is extremely adaptable and user friendly,” said Kendal on Hudson’s Director of Fitness, Cathy DiSomma. “We are so pleased with the renewed engagement of residents with our fitness facility. Community members from a range of mobility levels are coming in to develop and work on their personal fitness.”

Aligning with Kendal on Hudson’s commitment to supporting the active lifestyles and healthy aging of all residents, the technology is facilitated by a wrist band which serves as a smart key for Technogym machinery and logs users’ information, activity and workout plans created with trainers on staff.

“Encouraging residents’ physical wellness is foundational to our goals as a community,” said Kendal on Hudson Health Services Administrator, Lisa Wacht. “Our mission of promoting comprehensive health and wellness guided this decision. With the equipment, we are continuing to promote this goal. We are proud to be leading the way in implementing this state-of-the-art fitness technology in a setting like ours. It truly supports a community where an active lifestyle and both physical and mental wellbeing are a hallmark.”

For more information about Kendal on Hudson, visit or call 914-922-1000.

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