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When it’s a full moon, some people burn sage and throw written thoughts into a fire.

The groundhog may have blown his prediction for an early spring, but what will not change is that we are having a new moon and a total solar eclipse on April 8. Hold on to your hat because this is going to produce an incredible energy in our very being if we use it correctly.  

So, let’s start with the new moon, which is very different from a full moon. When there is a full moon, we write down the things that no longer serve us. Some people burn sage and throw what they have written in the fire. The belief is that the ashes and smoke that rise up are heard throughout the universe – just a little help from you and the whole cosmos is on board to help you be a better person.   

The new moon is about “manifesting” the things in life that you would like to have and when you throw that paper in with the sage, the ashes and smoke go up, and the universe says, “Okey Dokey, Smokey, let’s see what we can do.”  

The new moon in April is the fourth new moon of 2024, the first new moon of spring and the first new moon after the spring equinox. It is also referred to as The New Pink Moon, which falls into the zodiac sign of Aries. What does it all mean? Aries is the first sign in the zodiac. A new moon in Aries is rich with opportunity for new beginnings. You may consider following your intuition regarding a hunch about something; in essence, taking a risk. Aries learns through experience and action, so why not have a little adventure.   

Now how about this for an idea – this new moon in Aries is also about learning to speak authentically without putting on airs. It’s a good time to find ways to rely on ourselves and to be happy doing it, not blaming others for not being there for us. It’s me taking care of me, folks, so you are off the hook. My sister once told me that if I left “would, should and could” out of my vocabulary, I would live a happy life. I really “should” have done that.  

Just when you thought all of this might be making sense, we have the total solar eclipse. The effects of this solar eclipse can be felt for as long as six months after the date of the eclipse. The eclipse may have you acting on impulse. Try very hard to avoid jumping to conclusions and sticking your two cents in where it does not belong. The solar eclipse can challenge our beliefs surrounding our independence and our personal courage. The things that we were unaware of that created problems in our lives are now revealed to us and by dealing with them head on we get back our personal power.   

Things are also going to happen that will confront us with where we have not been true to our authentic selves. An understanding that changes, and sometimes endings, can assist us in our personal growth. Ultimately, we find that we really can handle whatever comes our way.  It’s about new beginnings, my friend, and, yes, long-term changes are on the horizon, whether you like it or not. 

So, pull up your bootstraps, shoulders back and chin up, and let’s be ready with confidence and courage to face whatever comes our way. 

Shima Chayvet is the owner of Universal Healing Arts, a Reiki master teacher and healer, an ordained minister, certified in holistic health, and owner of infinite Possibilities. She practices in Cortlandt Manor at 4 Crestview Ave. 914-737-HEAL (4325). 

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