Acts of Kindness: Color Me Grateful

‘The heart of the community is all the good people who appear like angels when someone needs help.’ – Mayor Knickerbocker, seen here 15 minutes before her accident

Just before Thanksgiving last year I fell at the Village Circle in Buchanan while the new Christmas Tree was being planted. 

From the moment of injury, I have been surrounded by a very caring and supportive community. 

Our Buchanan Police Department and Fire Department seemed to be there within a minute.  The days and weeks that have followed were filled with constant offers to help, rides to the doctor’s office, to pick up medicine and food, gift cards to local delis and restaurants, Thanksgiving dinner delivered, and Christmas dinner too, and so many flowers. (If there is a positive side to this, I haven’t had to cook!) 

I was very down when I received the news from the doctor that I was looking at a double shoulder replacement. 


When I came home, I was just overwhelmed when I saw on my front porch even more flowers.  

So, for those of you who have received this kind of love and support from our community, you know what I am saying. 

We are so fortunate for many reasons to live here, but the heart of the community is all the good people who live here who appear like angels when someone needs help. 

This past year we have seen so many Go Fund Me efforts, the charitable work by Let it Shine food pantry, and a group of people (Colleen’s Tribe) come together to raise money for someone who was battling cancer … I could go on and on with the acts of kindness.

I am very grateful to this beautiful community that we all call home. 

Theresa Knickerbocker
Mayor, Village of Buchanan

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