Village of Tarrytown to Close Part of Main Street to Traffic for Outdoor Dining

Ronnie Levine’s Tarrytown 6 Oil

The Village of Tarrytown and the Sleepy Hollow Tarrytown Chamber of Commerce announced that they will be closing Main Street so that restaurants and stores can put out tables and wares.

Days and hours are set for this weekend:

  • Friday and Saturday, June 12-13, from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Main Street will be closed to traffic from Broadway to North/South Washington, and Washington to Goldbergs Hardware (Baylis Court) so people can still have car access from lower Main Street.

Barricades will be set-up – one in front of each restaurant or store that’s going to put tables or wares out – about 15-feet off of the curb, to define seating areas. Stores and restaurants must have their sidewalk café, or sidewalk display permits.

Takeout and Delivery Parking (15-minute max time limit):

  • There will be 8 to 10 takeout and delivery spots on Broadway, by Main Street, for quick access.
  • There will be 10 to 15 takeout and delivery spots in the Washington Street Lot
  • There will be 3 to 5 takeout and delivery spots on North and South Washington Street, near the intersection with Main Street, to serve all of the businesses that do a strong takeout business there

Pending an evaluation after this weekend, the Village will make any changes based on what worked and what needs improvement for future street closures. After the evaluation, they will determine whether the street closings will continue the following weekend (June 19th and 20th) and beyond.


  1. I live on Main Street and park in my driveway. How will I be able to come and go? Extremely inconvenient!

    1. Hi Tami, Thank you. The village is asking Main Street residents to park in the Washington Street lot during these hours, which is currently free to park in. If you would lIke to speak to Richard Slingerland, the village administrator, directly you can contact him at

    2. Park on Washington Street. We are trying to save the economy of the village. Sorry for the inconvenience

  2. I live on S Washington across from the parking lot. It’s bad enough that on weekends there’s never any parking and visitors making their own driving laws, so where am I suppose to park ? This is not a good idea. Traffic will be crazy, this is not Manhattan! Please reconsider.

  3. Very happy to see that the town is doing something to help the businesses that have struggled so much. Yes, the parking situation is less than ideal. But hopefully locals will come out to support this. And they can still get takeout. Wishing all the restaurants the best of luck!

  4. Which restaurant will have outdoor door seating. Is there a minimum $ one must order to sit outside?

    1. Hi! I do not know if there is a minimum but let’s remember the wait staff hasn’t had a paycheck in months.
      Order a meal. Do not linger. Tip well.

  5. We think this is amazing to get the community together as well as support local businesses which we are a part of. As owners of little b’s, we can’t wait to see family, friends and customers!

  6. To those cry babies who ” live on Main St. And might have to look for a place to park. How about they make the meters work til midnight on weekends with a two hour limit and no FEEDING THE METERS? if your landlords have to raise your rent cause all those businesses who are half broke go out of business what are you going to do then. WWAAHHHJH!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Residents who live on Main St. and need parking pay for parking permits, Steve. So changing the hour limit on the meters wouldn’t make a difference. But what does make a difference is that there are a limited number of spots available for residents with permits to park in to begin with, and several have just been taken away due to the new parking rules. I’m very glad to support our local businesses and want them to succeed. I’m glad that the town is trying out a plan to make it easier to support them. But parking in the business district has always been a real issue, and it would be foolish to pretend otherwise and for the town not to take into account the residents who are being affected by these changes.

  7. This is great…huge kudos to Mayor Fixell, Village Trustees and Administration!! I am sure that there will be kinks to work out but this is a very positive step to help our merchants and the overall Village economy. Obviously parking will be even more challenging, but I have confidence that Village will be working on creative solutions. Well done!

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