Your Kids Are Spending Long Hours In Front Of The Screen? Here’s How To Protect Their Health


It’s no secret that kids these days are spending more time in front of screens than ever before. Whether it’s playing video games, watching TV, or browsing the internet, children are increasingly plugged into digital devices. This has led to a number of concerns about the negative effects of too much screen time on children’s health and development. Some experts worry that excessive screen time can lead to obesity, poor academic performance, and social isolation. But is it really necessary to completely restrict our children’s digital lives? Or is there a way to balance screen time with other activities so that their health is still protected? This article will discuss how you can protect your children’s health.

1) Buy Blue Light Glasses For Them

Blue light exposure from screens has been shown to potentially cause eye strain and related problems. In an increasingly digital world, it can be hard to monitor exactly how much exposure your kids are getting. This is why it may be a good idea to buy blue light glasses for them. These special glasses filter out blue wavelengths so that they can spend more time in front of screens without worrying about eye strain. They’re specially designed to be comfortable and ergonomically friendly, so your kids will hardly notice that they’re wearing them. These types of prescription glasses are also suitable for children’s faces with size, so they won’t be a hassle to get your kids to use. You can find these blue light glasses on the internet or at some opticians. Why not check better quality eyeglasses online like prescription glasses uk at a lower cost for your kids?

2) Buy Eye Drops For Them

One more way to protect your children’s eyes from drying out while using screens is to buy eye drops. If your kids spend a lot of time in front of screens, their eyes may start to feel dry and uncomfortable. Eye drops will hydrate their eyes so that they can keep playing games or watching TV without feeling any pain. Additionally, you can buy them an Eyelid Cleanser to relieve any redness or soreness in the eyes caused by too much screen time. Eye drops and cleansers are available at any pharmacy, drugstore or supermarket, so they’re easy to obtain.

3) Buy Good Computer Chair For Their Bedroom

You can also protect your children’s health by buying them a good computer chair and a comfortable gaming desk. You can also buy a gaming chair for posture online. A lot of them are available online but you need to find the best store for a quality product. If they spend long hours in front of their computers, it’s very important that they have a proper chair to sit on. If not, their back may start hurting and give them more problems. A good computer chair should be comfortable enough for your kids to sit on for a long time without feeling any discomfort. It should also be stable and strong enough so that they won’t break it every other day. This will ensure that your children feel safe and confident when using their computer chair, which will actually help them relax and focus better. These chairs can also be good for studying time or for doing homework.

4) Make Their Screen More Eye-Friendly


Another way to protect your children’s health is by making their screens more eye-friendly. Most modern digital devices are not friendly for the eyes, especially if they’re used for long periods of time. This may be because most screens are too bright or have colors that hurt the eyes. However, these problems can easily be solved by adjusting the brightness and color settings on your kids’ screens. With these changes, their eyes will be able to feel much more comfortable while they’re using their devices.

5) Set A Daily Limit For Screen Time

Lastly, you should set a daily limit for your children’s screen time. Experts recommend that children under two should not use screens at all, and that two- to five-year-olds should only be allowed an hour or less of screen time per day. If your children are between six and twelve, they should only get up to two hours of screen time per day. And if your kids are older than twelve, they should be allowed no more than two and a half hours of screen time per day. Consider implementing a strategy where the screen time would be a reward for doing something good, e.g., house chores or homework. With all of these limits in place, your children will hopefully get enough physical activity when they’re not using screens.

It can be hard to monitor how much screen time our kids are getting, but there are ways to protect their health without restricting their digital lives too much. One way is to buy them blue light glasses, which will help filter out harmful blue wavelengths. Another way is to buy them good computer chairs that are comfortable and safe for long hours of use. You can also make their screens more eye-friendly by adjusting brightness and color settings. Lastly, set a daily limit for their screen time depending on their age. With all these measures in place, your children’s health should be well protected from the negative effects of too much screen time.

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