Washington Irving School Celebrates International Day of Literacy

Student Vivian Balestrieri reads to third-graders to celebrate International Literacy Day

Students at Washington Irving Intermediate School marked the International Day of Literacy by sharing their love of reading with each other. Fifth-graders read to third-graders on the school’s playground on Monday,  September 9, the day after the official event.

UNESCO declared  the International Day of Literacy in 1966 to promote the importance of literacy for all individuals, communities and societies.

“The children were excited to read to the other students,” said WI Librarian Keri DiLascio. “This also acts as a way for the older to students to mentor the third-graders and welcome them to the school.”

Fifth-grader Michael Varinno said he enjoyed reading to the younger children. “They should know that the school is a friendly place and they get to read many different stories. It feels good.”


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