Washington Irving Embarks on a Virtual Meet-Up Journey Through Global Connections Program by One World 

Photo: The Public Schools of the Tarrytowns

One World believes that majority-minority school districts have a distinct competitive advantage when it comes to the development of cross-cultural understanding and global competence. Over the course of the past ten years, One World has developed three character-based, future-ready programs; Global Competence, Financial Readiness, and Technology Awareness, which are designed to prepare K-12 students for unprecedented opportunities and challenges of our 21st-century world.

Global Competence brings together three educational disciplines; global education, character education, and service-learning. Students are brought together in a club or classroom setting once a week for an hour where they are educated on Global Awareness. Through Financial Readiness students learn to think seriously about their relationships with money. In Technology Awareness students and educators are brought together to understand the technology around them.

“One World is a series of programs designed to help not only students but also educators navigate the changing world around them,” said Superintendent of Schools Ray Sanchez. “I’m excited to implement these programs in the Public Schools of the Tarrytowns. I feel it’s beneficial as it helps many people learn from one another.”

Several years ago, One World received a grant from Westchester County to promote their One World global competence programs in school districts. At that time, they partnered with Dr. Sanchez where they were fortunate enough to build a successful relationship. Now that Dr. Sanchez is Superintendent of the Public Schools of the Tarrytowns he has decided to bring these programs to that District.

“Working with Superintendent Sanchez and his Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum Felipe Orozco we have rapidly begun to introduce One World programs into the Tarrytown School District,” said a representative from One World.

One World recently launched their Global Connections Program at Washington Irving Intermediate (WI) school with nine classrooms joining the program. This program connects WI students to their peers in Ecuador in an effort to bring them together to learn with and from one another, thereby building an essential 21st-century skill – Global Competence.

“Students had a chance to meet their eagerly awaited virtual pen pals. As faces lit up with excitement, they participated in engaging conversations, discovering shared interests, including a mutual love for fast food, among other captivating topics,” said Sharon O’Grady, principal of Washington Irving Intermediate. “Moreover, students were captivated by the intriguing revelations about their peers in Ecuador, expanding their understanding of diverse cultures and fostering newfound connections.”

One World is introducing a pilot program called Architects of Abundance, a new signature class that is 10 years in the making and will be offered for the next 26 years.

“We very much appreciate Superintendent Sanchez’s vote of confidence in us as we roll out this pilot program to educators and students in Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, China, Ecuador and the US,” said a representative from One World.


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