Tarrytown’s Transfiguration School Tours the World

Can you imagine travelling to twenty-four different countries in just one day? That is exactly what the students at Transfiguration School in Tarrytown did at their Geography Fair. The students in grades five through eight spent the last two months investigating other countries, delving into their physical geographies, cultures, flora, fauna, and discovering their natural resources, primary imports, and exports. They presented their findings to the Transfiguration School community on Thursday, February 2nd.

In all, twenty -four different countries from six continents were presented. The Geography Fair was a project-based approach to enhancing and applying geographic knowledge. Parents, teachers, and students enjoyed their brief tour of the world.



  1. Fantastic!!! So proud of the students who put the effort into not only understanding different cultures but embracing it through the its own artistic interpretation. Great work Transfiguration!

  2. Congratulations to the teachers and students at Transfiguration School. It was a wonderful fair. I was so impressed with the depth of knowledge each student had about their country. They spoke clearly and accurately about their country and were very well poised in front of adults. Great skills to have – our future looks bright with these kids!

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