Tarrytowns Rotary Awards Annual Scholarships

For more than 40 years, the Rotary Club of the Tarrytowns has been offering several awards to the students of Tarrytown and Irvington. This year’s scholarships and recipients include:  

The Frederick M Breithbarth Memorial Scholarship is a $2,500 award to members of the senior and junior classes who, based on scholarship, participation and service in school and community activities, best express the Rotary mission of “Service Above Self.”  

Although the winners are determined in the junior year, the actual scholarship is presented in their senior year.  

Amy Torres and Ari Kotler

This year’s winners:  

James Oley– Irvington 

Ari Kotler– Sleepy Hollow 

Michael Pereira – Sleepy Hollow 

Amy Torres – Sleepy Hollow 

Michael Pereira

The following juniors from Sleepy Hollow High School will receive their scholarship next year: 

Christian Bravo 

Scott Klami 

Emily Orellana 

Anais Gomez 

Jennifer Nieves 

Cynthia Pintado 

The Dave Bridges Award is a $1,000 scholarship awarded to a student who demonstrates an interest and aptitude in the arts. 

Sery Duque

This year’s winner is Sery Duque from Sleepy Hollow. 

The William Burnette Scholarship is a $1,500 scholarship awarded to students who demonstrated marked improvement in their grades, performance and overall attitude from freshman year to senior year.  

Griffin Neilsen and Anashalise Minaya

This year’s winners are Anashalise Minaya and Griffin Nelson from Sleepy Hollow. 

The Aubrey Hawes Rotary Award of $1,000 is given to a student who excels in student government. This year, the Rotary Club honored long time Rotarian, Aubrey Hawes, who contributed so much to the club and was a big supporter of the school district and its students. His daughter went on to become mayor of Ossining.

This year’s winner is Emma Behrens from Sleepy Hollow. 

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