Stop Fearing Classes Or Subjects That Seem Too Difficult And Prepare To Face Them

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We all dread a difficult class or subject, especially if it’s a Monday. The best way to cure fear is through preparation, so in this article, I want to tell you how you can deal with it intelligently…

It has happened to me and it continues to happen to me… The night before I dream that everything is going wrong and that I don’t hear the alarm clock. When classes are approaching, I always have nightmares that I lose control of the situation. I don’t arrive on time, I go to the living room in my pajamas, I forget my notebooks, I fall asleep… in short, my mind plays with my fears.

Difficult classes or subjects are a challenge that we must face. Every time I feel like it’s too much for me or I think it’s imposter syndrome sabotaging me. Like, for example, when I am falling just a bit behind with my essay, I already start to panic and think that I should have turned to the masterpapers service from the beginning.

Prepare Digital Class Guides

I advise you to create digital class guides, which is a very effective habit, especially if you make them before class and not after. When you are informed about the programmatic content of the semester, take note of the points and make a guide by class. This document should have

• Concepts.
• Historical context.
• Examples.
• Infographics.
• Related current news.
• Hypothesis.
• Postulates.
• Exercises.

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And everything you think enriches the content to corroborate it with what is taught by your teacher. The great advantage of making guides is that it is as if you were studying for final exams without much effort. Knowledge is maintained for longer and, even forever, with this type of technique.

Make A Glossary Of Terms

Preparing for difficult subject classes helps a lot when I make a glossary of terms. On the Internet, you can get specialized sites to collect information in this format. Knowing the basic terms of a topic can save you questions, confusion, and embarrassment.

In my case, I took very seriously making glossaries of journalistic terms for my master’s degree. It fills you with a lot of confidence when you manage to soak up key definitions. By the way, if you want to share your experience of study hacks, is the place you can share it with other fellow students. There you could exchange your experience, share your fears or find new useful tips. You have to be a part of the student community because you never know what help you might need to receive.

Sit In The Middle But Next To The Wall

Difficult subjects can condition our willingness to learn in class. That is why many prefer to sit in the last row, but it turns out that to pay attention, make the teacher notice you, and fill you with confidence, there is no better place than one of the left or right ends of the middle row.

There is no scientific study that proves it (or at least not that I know of), but I can assure you that it is that midpoint and being next to the wall, which will allow you to get involved in the teaching-learning process without showing your fear, disinterest or that you are trying too hard.

Another helpful tip for you if you are having trouble with creating an essay, there is an essaysrescue online where you can get professional help with your essay. This way you would easily deal with your anxiety and receive the best quality essay possible.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask Questions

There are no stupid questions, and it’s true. Arm yourself with courage and clear all your doubts before the exam. Avoid leaving the room with ideas that are not at all clear. If you don’t want to do it in front of your classmates, you can consult your teacher in private. Most have offices in the faculty. It could help if you set an example of your notes in the digital guides so that they recognize your sincere interest in overcoming a difficult subject.


The truth is that preparation, or what is the same, taking control of your life, is easier than you think. I am a faithful believer that we cannot expect anything from anything or anyone; we only have to take care of ensuring that difficulties are overcome based on what we know how to work with and in ourselves.

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