Seniors Curate Art Exhibit at Irvington Library

Irvington High School seniors curated an art exhibit that hung in the Irvington Public Library throughout February. Photos courtesy of Irvington Union Free School District

Nawel Acosta and Olivia Yin, Irvington High School seniors in AP Art, curated an art exhibit which hung in the Irvington Public Library in February. They came up with the theme of “Time and Transformation,” wrote the exhibit statement and asked fellow students, who are mostly upperclassmen taking art classes, to exhibit their work.

“Throughout the past four years, we as individuals, the Irvington community and even the globe have experienced drastic catalysts for transformation,” wrote co-curator Oliva Yin. “These pieces show how seizing one’s essence and capturing one’s thoughts and creativity can help take control of one’s time and transformation.”

Art teacher Diana Schmertz supervised the students as they hung the show. She was extremely impressed with not only their talent, but their ability to work seamlessly together.

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