School Play Saturday, Sunday, Monday Celebrates Family and Food

Students presented Briarcliff Manor’s fall play Saturday, Sunday, Monday in November.

Briarcliff High School’s Fall play, Saturday, Sunday, Monday by Eduardo De Filippo, translated by Keith Waterhouse and Willis Hall, and presented by special arrangement with Samuel French, Inc., a Concord Theatricals Company, was dubbed a “mouth-watering comedy” that ran the weekend of November 15 – 17.  

The immersive new production set in 1959 tells the story of the Priore family in Naples as they prepare for a large family celebration. With an act for each day in the title, the play begins on Saturday night as the family cooks a traditional ragù; continues on Sunday afternoon as all sit down to eat; and concludes on Monday morning when the stresses and strains of family gatherings can be healed. 

“It’s the perfect play for Thanksgiving time,” said director Ian Driver. “Not only can we all identify with the comic possibilities of a family gathering around holiday time, but this play also celebrates food and its place in family life.” The play was presented in a small, studio-­style space, about the size of a dining room, with opportunities to create a “smell-a-­round” for the audience’s enjoyment. Italian treats were available for all ticket holders following the performance. 

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