Letter to the Editor: Croton Schools Proposition 3 Is Bad for the Climate

To the Editor,

We all know what it means to bend the COVID curve. We have made drastic changes in order to save lives. We could see the results of our efforts in a few weeks. The connection between the behavioral change and the decrease in infection and death rates was dramatic.

The Climate Curve looks very similar to the COVID curve. The temperature of our planet is rising precipitously. Scientists have warned that we are dangerously close to a point of no return.

The only difference between COVID and CLIMATE is that the lag time to see the effects of our actions on climate change comes in years or decades instead of weeks. That doesn’t make the need for action any less real or the results of inaction any less deadly.

The Croton Harmon School District must make every effort to bend the climate curve, remembering that the effects of any action taken today will be evident years down the road.
Unfortunately, the District is about to miss an opportunity to bend the curve.
Proposition 3 on the upcoming school board ballot calls for the purchase of gasoline powered rather than electric vehicles. Until the schools make a commitment to transition to electric buses and other vehicles, I urge all voters to vote NO on Proposition 3.
Sheryl Goldberg


  1. It’s not feasible to go to electric for croton and will end up costing croton triple the amount of money to do this! Do you know how much work will have to go into this? And money??!!! Plus the charges on the electric buses don’t last long and won’t go nearly as far! It’s not cost effective in the long run! You don’t know the problems it would cause at the current bus garage there is no room up there now for busses or for employee parking which is another big issue!!

    1. Kelly, you’re only thinking about near term problems and concerns while this letter is addressing much bigger and longer term issues. Please don’t think selfishly about this. If it’s too expensive that’s because of a broken system, not because it isn’t worthwhile.

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