Scholar Athlete of the Month: Miranda Farman

Miranda Farman, a senior at Irvington High School, is a two-sport athlete and exemplary student. Farman has consistently played for her school’s basketball team throughout her time at Irvington High School, playing as the starting point guard. With her hard work and determination, Farman’s efforts contributed to her team’s winning both the State and Federation Championships 

When it comes to the court, Farman makes a point of lifting the spirits of her teammates with her constant encouragement. Kristopher Harrison, Superintendent of Schools for Irvington, remarked upon Farman’s admirable qualities as a team player, stating that she is a “co-captain who leads by example and hard work,” and “is demanding of other players in an encouraging way.” 

Farman’s dedication and skills extend far beyond the court, as she’s also excelled on the soccer field. Serving as the team’s captain for the past year, Farman certainly pulled her weight. Farman was one of eleven players in the section to be selected for the Isabel Costa Student Athlete Award. With criteria including success in the classroom, experience in multiple sports, involvement in school activities and volunteer work, Farman was highly qualifiedMiranda ranked fourth in New York State in assists and will be pursuing her passion for soccer at the University of Pennsylvania in the fall.  

Between practices and games on both the basketball court and the soccer field, Farman still finds time to give back to the community. She dedicates time to a myriad of community activities, such as coaching the youth lacrosse team for the Irvington Recreation Department, playing basketball with developmentally disabled adults as an SEC Volunteer, and volunteering with the Special Olympics Soccer Program. With Farman’s caring attitude, she finds a way to impact a great community of people with her love for sports and helping others.  

Farman’s ambition as an athlete and community member also rings true in the classroom. Pouring hours of hard work into her studies, Farman has achieved a 4.12 grade point average, which is equivalent to a 96 on a one-hundred-point scale. Demonstrating qualities such as academic integrity and self-discipline, Farman’s title as a peer leader reflects her love for academics 

How does she balance all her responsibilities? “Balancing community involvement, academic achievement, and commitment to the sports I play can be difficult at times, noted Miranda. However, learning how to manage my time and balance my schedule at a young age helped me greatly as I got older and became busier. Doing homework on long car rides to practice and making sure to always know my schedule in advance were keys towards helping me succeed. 

With a well-rounded skill set in a variety of areas, it is evident that Farman will achieve great things in her future. Miranda Farman is a role model for her peers and teammates, and through her volunteer-work has greatly impacted her communityAs she immerses herself in the “Quaker Nation” of the University of Pennsylvania next fall, Farman will strive to continue her pattern of success. 

Q&A with Miranda

Question 1: How do you balance community involvement, as well as academic achievement, with the commitment of athletics?

A: Balancing community involvement, academic achievement, and commitment to the sports I play can be difficult at times. However, learning how to manage my time and balance my schedule at a young age helped me greatly as I got older and became busier. Doing homework on long car rides to practice and making sure to always know my schedule in advance were key towards helping me succeed.

Question 2: What motivates you most on the field, court, etc.?

A: My greatest motivation is watching the women on the U.S. National Women’s Soccer Team, along with Serena Williams. I love to watch them on TV, and follow them on social media. Seeing their commitment only inspires me to do more with myself each day.

Question 3: What do you consider to be your best accomplishment (could be academic, athletic, community-related)?

A: I think my greatest accomplishment was committing to a Division One athletics program for soccer. I am so proud that I will be able to play at the University Of Pennsylvania for the next four years. My goal was always to play soccer in college, and playing on such a competitive and amazing team is a huge accomplishment in my eyes.

Question 4: What is the most rewarding part of achieving feats for your team?

A: Achieving feats for your team makes you feel great, but also makes your team know that they can rely on you which is really important. I always try to work harder so that I can aid my team more each day.

Question 5: Do you have any role models?

A: Besides my parents, I would say my greatest role model is Sydney Leroux. She plays Women’s soccer for the U.S. Women’s National Team, as well as professionally for the Orlando Pride. She balances having a family, a social life, and being an absolute beast on the field. She is a huge inspiration and just generally such a cool women. She is everything I want to be.

Question 6: How do you involve yourself in the community?

A: I am in NHS, where I tutor fellow students in school and help set up school organizations such as blood drives and academic functions. I also help set up and organize the Autism Classic each year during basketball season. Further, I have worked at the Connecticut Special Olympics for Soccer and played Buddy Ball in Rockland County, NY. I love being involved in playing sports in any way possible, and with anyone who has the same passion as I do.

Question 7: If you could describe your experience as a student-athlete in three words, what would they be?  

A: Strenuous, Competitive, Rewarding


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