Puppet Show Helps Irvington’s Main Street School Students Celebrate Differences  

Main Street School fourth and fifth graders were treated to a special musical puppet show, Addy and Uno, on December. 12.

A special musical puppet show, Addy and Uno, highlighting characters with disabilities and stressing the importance of inclusion, entertained fourth and fifth graders at Main Street School on December 12. 

“The play is about being brave to be true to who you are in the face of both internal barriers, like self-doubt, and external barriers, like negative assumptions from others,” said school psychologist Margaret Granfors, who organized the visit. She noted too that small positive gestures and acts of kindness “go a long way in helping others.”    

The show tells the story of Uno, a child with autism, who faces the challenge of taking part in his school’s math competition while his friends with varying disabilities, including ADHD and visual, hearing and physical impairments, rally in support. Through the heartfelt and interactive show, the students applauded and encouraged the characters to celebrate their differences. 

“We were blown away by the talent of the cast members,” said Granforscalling  the assembly an uplifting and inspiring experience for both students and staff.  

During a follow-up Q&A, the students asked l questions that motivated conversations about empathy and living in the shoes of someone whose experiences may differ from their own.  

“The play fit right into the #bravespace that we at Main Street School work to cultivate in our continued social-emotional learning,” Granfors said. 

The assembly was made possible through the Irvington Education Foundation.

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