Croton DAM Spirits’ Secret Ingredient: The Purest Water

Co-founders Nancy Loving and David McCallen believe using Croton water enhances the quality of their spirits. Photo suppled

The secret to any great spirit is the quality of the water used in the distilling process. DAM Vodka and DAM Dry Gin are sold under the Croton DAM Spirits label and blend the famous, pure water from the Croton Aquifer with the finest Italian winter wheat.   


This craft distillery, located in Croton-on-Hudson, is producing the first made-in-New York organic, naturally vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free vodka and gin with the best water, which is the main ingredient. 

Water from the Croton watershed – historically the cradle of New York City’s supply of fresh, clean water – remains world-renowned for its quality and has been protected for over 180 years.  

“Croton is known for the purest water in the Metro New York area and beyond,” according to co-founder David McCallen.  “Think about it. Water is 60 percent of what’s in a bottle of spirits.”  

Croton DAM Spirits pays acute attention to detail at every stage and avoids using chemicals and additives so that their products achieve purity and smoothness. There are only two ingredients in DAM Vodka: wheat distillate and water. 

In the spirits industry, producers are allowed to add anything to their product and disclose nothing. The big brands found in nearly every cocktail bar and liquor store across the globe are mass-produced and full of artificial ingredients.  

Many are made with GMO corn. While there’s an ongoing debate about the safety of GMOs for human health, one thing is clear: they are bad for the environment. 

Serving as a consultant to distilleries around the country, McCallen recognized the need for transparency in the industry so that consumers can make informed, healthier decisions.   

“When we go into fine restaurants and liquor stores, we explain how our spirits are produced,” said co-founder Nancy Loving.  “The reason why every spirit in our portfolio is organic is because organic ingredients produce a better-tasting, more flavorful and more aromatic spirit with less hangover effect.” 

In addition to top-shelf water, Croton DAM Spirits are produced from the highest quality organic winter wheat. The grain is grown in the breadbasket of Italy by a family-run company that has been certified organic for more than 35 years. 

DAM spirits can be found in many Westchester restaurants and liquor stores. They are also available in fine dining destinations in New York City, the Hudson Valley, Long Island, and northern New Jersey. In the future, the company will roll out a gin aged in oak along with two sourced whiskey products.  

Croton Dam Spirits will be introducing their products to a wide audience throughout the spring and summer. Look for their tasting tent at the Sleepy Hollow Music Festival on June 8.   

DAM Spirits will be featured at: The Big Easy in Croton on May 11, Field & Supply in Kingston from May 31 to June 2 and the Hamptons Art Fair from July 11 to 14. 

Croton DAM Spirits capture the attributes that discerning consumers demand in the products they buy – elevated taste, sourced from nature, with an authentic backstory.   

“The goal is to make Dam Spirits available to everyone who cares about what they are drinking,” said McCallen. “We have what no one else in the market can deliver: the highest water quality and artisanal, organic spirits with superior taste at a great price, that are sourced from a local and sustainable aquifer.”. 



  1. Tried some of that Vodka one night at Slainte! Love having a local product with high quality to support!

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