Preparing for College? Here’s How to Pick Suitable Clothes


College students are notorious for spending their money on books instead of fashion items. Many people are not aware of how important clothes are while trying to make a good impression at college, so here are some tips on how to pick suitable ones. If you need more ideas, check here the new catalog using the following link, mens shirts uk | wisconline.

  1. Stick with dark, solid colors

Choosing clothes is a difficult task, especially for students who have been used to wearing casual clothes. When going to college, it’s best to stick with dark solid colors like navy and black, as they’re easy to match and fit well. If you really want some lighter colors, you can incorporate white or yellow with some outfits and make them fashionable. You can even use some online stores: RVCA AU, ASOS or just Amazon, and many more, and select the best clothing style for you. Remember, the key is to look smart and fresh, not like you’re going to a costume party. If you’re going for a casual or sporty look, you may want to add black fine ribbed biker shorts to your wardrobe.

  1. Match your shoes with style

Most people don’t realize how important shoes can be while choosing what you wear to college, so it’s crucial that before leaving the house, you should make sure all their items including shoe match. When looking for stylish and comfortable shoes, you check check out a good place like Dapper Clan for more info! If you need to wear cargo pants for men along with a white flowy button up shirt, you can wear shoes in brown, maroon, etc. However, these colors should be lighter compared to your pants. As far as girls are concerned, they’re going to have a greater chance of skipping this rule because it’s relatively easier for them to choose shoes that go with what they’re wearing.

  1. Do not overpower with accessories

It’s okay to accessorize, but it should be done carefully. Remember that you’re attending college, so avoid wearing excessive jewelry or piercings whenever possible, you can try watches as these are great, and you can go online to find Amavi Watches as well, as there are great accessories for this purpose. Then if you are a watch enthusiast, dive watches are a must add to your collection. However, there’s no harm in putting on a pair of studs or earrings if required for your outfit, just make sure they match with the rest of your outfit and don’t distract from the main point (your face). If you have old jewelry that has lost its shine, you can go to jewelry repair services to repair it. If you don’t know how to accessorize, it’s better not to experiment too much. It’s also important to remember that bracelets, watches, or chains are best suited for men.

  1. Dressing well matters just as much as knowing your stuff

When you’re applying for college it’s important to not only dress up clean and smart but also do some research on the school, you’re attending so that you can be aware of what color they usually wear, if their professors demand long skirts/pants etc. This way, when entering campus, your first day doesn’t become a big nightmare because you show up wearing something totally opposite from what everyone else is wearing. People are often mistaken when they believe that being comfortable is synonymous with dressing badly. You can have comfort, but it can be classier, which is a great way to explain the college style and fashion.

  1. Being fashionable doesn’t mean you have to stick to the trends all the time

It’s okay to wear trendy clothes, but you shouldn’t feel like an outcast if your friends or classmates aren’t wearing what you’re donning. For instance, in summer, it’s popular among students to wear shorts. This may not be very acceptable in certain colleges (especially religious ones) and hence before thinking about buying colored pants, make sure of the rules set by the school. If possible, try finding some pieces made up of natural fabrics which aren’t too tight or short. Furthermore, they’ll make you more comfortable and will also keep you cool during those hot summer days. You’ll also want to pack some Delta Sigma Theta apparel so that you have something to wear on your first night out.

Why should you be classy and dress properly at college? It is important to know what to wear at college because it says a lot about who you are as a person. Choosing the appropriate outfit for college shows that you care about your image and appearance. If you show up in something inappropriate, people may think less of you because dressing properly is known to reflect good morals and values, which should be shared by everyone entering this educational institution. Additionally, try coming up with your own style that’s comfortable for you. The key is to make sure it reflects who you are as an individual. This way when you get to college, you will be fashionable, but still dressed accordingly. People are often mistaken when they believe that being comfortable is synonymous with dressing badly. It’s okay to wear trendy clothes, but you shouldn’t feel like an outcast if your friends or classmates aren’t wearing what you’re wearing. Be you and try not to focus so much on clothes, but rather focus on your studies. Good luck!

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