Pre-School Kindergarten in a “Home Environment” Setting, Irvington’s Immaculate Conception Pre-K

For starters, the house that is home to Immaculate Conception’s Pre-School Kindergarten is a marvelous Victorian building of architectural note. It’s brick façade and long high windows speak of another time when style and quality were meticulously interwoven.

Inside the Irvington Pre-School Kindergarten one finds warm and colorful rooms that are immediately inviting and accepting of youthful wants and needs.

The School’s Director, Victor Preso, has forty-plus years of educational experience complete with dual Masters Degrees, permanent teacher certification, and school district administrator credentials.


Top: Care to join me for a slice of pizza?
Bottom: Montessori Materials

In short he is qualified to be a Superintendent of Schools. He and his staff have preschoolers in the 3 to 4 -year old age range and can accept children as young as two years and nine months.

The Pre-School Kindergarten focuses on fine and gross motor skills through play, a play yard and gym. It’s curriculum includes an integrated phonemic approach to reading and writing. There are several computers to assist children with "Success Maker" — a computer-assisted instructional program supported by NYS Board of Cooperative Educational Services. There is a Smart Board with interactive material. Additional hands-on learning experiences come in the form of Montessori materials along with arts and crafts. Music and motion are also a part of the curriculum. All of these appealing opportunities are enjoyed in a home environment setting and a recent visit to the Pre-School Kindergarten validated how child friendly and nurturing the School is.

A typical day begins with a greeting and circle time of show and tell. The children then move on to Montessori materials. From there the group activity can turn out to be painting or drawing. Snacks are provided (and approved by the New York State Health Department) and afterwards the children have indoor gymnasium time. By midday the half-day session children are picked up by their parents or guardians. Full-day children have lunch followed by a nap or rest time. Afterwards independent and group activities fill the children’s afternoon before preparing to go home.

Full days, half days and combination sessions (three full days and two half days) are offered. Parents are welcome to take a tour of the Immaculate Conception Pre-School Kindergarten at 16 North Broadway in Irvington. They can call (914) 591-6614 for futher information.

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