Pocantico Students Dress Up as 100-Year-Olds for 100th School Day

Pre-kindergarteners at Pocantico Hills School dressed up as old men and women for the 100th Day of School.

Pre-kindergarteners at Pocantico Hills School donned their wigs, spectacles, pearls, flat caps and pearls Feb. 18 to celebrate the 100th day of the academic year. The youngsters dressed as “centenarians” for the occasion, leaning on their canes and pretending to have achy joints. One student had a blow-up plastic cane.

Students in other early grades also marked the special day. For example, first-graders had to complete a “mission” to save “Zero the Hero” so Feb. 18 could officially be the 100th day. They found that 99 was playing tricks and were able to recover the zero after an “investigation.”


  1. As someone who shares a household with, and helps care for, a 96 year-old, I am wondering which part of this stereotyping was humorous, educational or entertaining.

  2. Why can’t these kids just have fun what is wrong with a little creativity and fun? Think adorable assignment they were not hurting anyone.

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