Peekskill Native Receives Command Coin for Uniform Inspection

By Ashley Craig, Navy Office of Community Outreach

Hospitalman Jefferson Arpi Ordonez

Hospitalman Jefferson Arpi Ordóñez, a native of Peekskill, New York, received a command coin from Capt. Matthew Marcinkiewicz, commanding officer of Naval Medical Readiness Logistics Command (NMRLC), for being given an “outstanding” during the command uniform inspection.

Arpi Ordóñez, a 2021 graduate of Peekskill High School, joined the Navy nearly two years ago.

“I volunteered to serve in the United States Navy as a way of giving thanks for all the opportunities this nation has given me and my family,” said Arpi Ordóñez. “I dream of being the first naval officer in my family and I want to make my family’s name known for greatness and overachievement. I’m going to apply for the Navy’s Seaman to Admiral-21 program next year. I want to inspire younger generations like myself from an immigrant background and let them know that you can accomplish your dreams.”

The Seaman to Admiral-21 is a full-time undergraduate education and commissioning program open to enlisted personnel.

Skills and values learned in the Navy are similar to those found in Peekskill.

“Living in Peekskill, there were a lot of people with the same cultural background as me,” said Arpi Ordóñez. “I come from an Ecuadorian immigrant background and I speak three languages: Spanish, Kichwa and English. This has constantly reminded me to never forget where I come from and who I represent. Humility is the fuel to accomplishment in my naval career.”

Today, Arpi Ordóñez serves as a hospital corpsman with NMRLC Det Naval Ophthalmic Readiness Activity Yorktown (NORA YT). NORA YT offers a new selection of eyewear in an effort to promote vision readiness, high visual performance and safety for all service members.

“My job as an optician technician is rewarding,” said Arpi Ordóñez. “Starting off with the Sailor’s Creed every day reminds me of the reason I am here today. We’re proudly providing the sight to fight for our military. Even though I am not personally in contact with the patient, I know that by doing my part in making these glasses I just helped them see better.”

NMRLC manages the warehouse and production facility that procures, produces, manages, sustains, prepositions, and deploys rapidly deployable Expeditionary Medical (EXMED) Platforms in support of operational plans, exercise support and real-world operations.

Located in Williamsburg, Virginia, NMRLC supports readiness by providing deployable medical systems, high-quality eyewear and ophthalmic devices, and fleet logistical solutions. The EXMEDs provide Combatant Commanders’ desired capabilities regarding standardized, modular, scalable combat service support and medical/dental capabilities to advanced-base environments across the entire range of joint military operations.

NMRLC is at the heart of Navy Medicine’s enterprise-wide foundational change designing and delivering agile and integrated capabilities to the Fleet and Fleet Marine Forces in the Distributed Maritime Operations. These unique capabilities will provide medical assets to Combatant Commanders in theatres around the world.

With 90% of global commerce traveling by sea and access to the internet relying on the security of undersea fiber optic cables, Navy officials continue to emphasize that the prosperity of the United States is directly linked to trained sailors and a strong Navy.

As a member of the Navy, Arpi Ordóñez is part of a world-class organization focused on maintaining maritime dominance, strengthening partnerships, increasing competitive warfighting capabilities and sustaining combat-ready forces in support of the National Defense Strategy.

“The Navy defends our nation through humanitarian missions, assisting our allies and promoting peace,” said Arpi Ordóñez. “However, we are also a supportive force for the countries around the world that are challenged by the enemies of democracy. We are committed to the excellence of our way of life and are prepared to defend it at all costs.”

Arpi Ordóñez has many opportunities to achieve accomplishments during military service.

“Being selected as Sailor of the Quarter for the fourth quarter is one of my proudest accomplishments in my naval career,” said Arpi Ordóñez. “Being recognized for the effort and the hard work I put into my service to the nation is satisfying to see. It also motivates me to be grow as a sailor and develop greater things for my command, my shipmates and myself.”

As Arpi Ordóñez and other sailors continue to train and perform missions, they take pride in serving their country in the U.S. Navy.

“The service I provide the nation through the Navy gives me a feeling I can’t explain,” added Arpi Ordóñez. “When you look out into the ocean and see nothing but water and you feel the salty breeze hit your face, it makes you feel small but it’s that feeling of being a part of something gigantic, like the crew of a ship, that makes you feel alive. This is the United States Navy, it means that no matter what part you play in keeping our country safe, you are a part of something larger.”


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