Ossining Children’s Center Presents College Scholarship Award to Ossining High School Senior and OCC Alumnus

Ossining Children’s Center’s Executive Director, Howard Milbert, introduces John Paul at the OCC recognition event.

The Ossining Children’s Center’s College Scholarship recognizes an alumnus of the Center who is graduating from high school with an outstanding academic record. This year the award was presented to John Paul Mata-Collantes, an Ossining High School senior who has shown great leadership and excellent academic achievement.

The Ossining Children’s Center (OCC), founded in 1895, is the only child care center in the greater New York metropolitan area that presents a college scholarship to an alumnus. “Since our founding 123 years ago, the Center has always had an educational focus,” says Mr. Milbert. “The foundation for future academic achievement is laid in early childhood. By recognizing John Paul’s achievements, we honor the legacy of our founders.”

John Paul came to OCC in 2009 as a toddler and continued through OCC’s after-school program up until second grade. His teachers recall his love for drawing animals and his uncanny ability to give his creations vibrant personalities. John Paul is excited to attend University at Buffalo in the fall where he plans to study architecture and meet new interesting people.

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