Ossining Book Buddies Foster a Love of Reading

Book Buddy volunteer Helen Garcia guides Angelo Poguio as the eight-year-old reads Dav Pilkey’s Dog Man.

The Ossining School District’s Book Buddy program is part of its campaign to promote summer reading so children don’t lose skills developed during the academic year. 

Dozens of elementary school students and volunteers read together at the library during three weeks in August as a component of the district’s summer reading saturation campaign. Volunteers read to children in Nelson Park, Community BLOCK Parties, camps, and other locations. The Ossining Loves to Read Book Mobile was on the road all summer giving away books. 

Helen Garcia, a retired teacher who lives in Ossining, saw the reading ability of students she worked with improve during their time together.  

Vidal Abreu, another volunteer, said the Book Buddy program is a good way to get involved in the community. “I just want to help children along with their love of reading,” he said.

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  1. Both of my children could read before they went to school. How we did it?

    Initially, I read. A great deal. I read my own books, I read to my kids and we go to the library and take the same number of books as we can convey each time. We tune in to books on tape in the vehicle also. Read things to them that are over their reading level.

    Next, we had heaps of instructive toys that support reading, had letter tiles and attractive letters and I likewise posted cards with words on them everywhere throughout the house, naming everything (Stove, Frame, Bookcase, Chair, and so on.).

    Likewise, I utilized a book I discovered on this site. We just got to about exercise 25 or 26 and both of my young men were reading by at that point. We didn’t do an entire exercise each day… as it got more enthusiastically and my child was battling, I just did a half or 33% of an exercise a day.

    One of my children is presently 12 and is just currently getting books, up to this point he was glad to be read to and read comic books like the Far Side, Garfield, Baby Blues, . It required some investment. My other child is 14 despite everything I read to them two around evening time. About an hour each time, here and there additional, if the cliffhanger is too energizing to even think about putting off until tomorrow.

    Likewise, when they do figure out how to read, even a bit, let them read ANYTHING. On the off chance that they like comic books, get them comic books. Try not to stress that they aren’t reading significant writing, the significant thing is to make them read… whatever it is, even magazines, on the ipad, and so forth. In the long run, they will get different sorts of books.

    Keep in mind: reading is the way to success!

    Good karma to you!


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